Woodlands School

A happy, inclusive school where we celebrate all achievements

Packington Lane, Coleshill, Birmingham B46 3JE

01675 463590


Woodlands School

Aims Statement

At Woodlands School we value, respect and celebrate each other within a safe, supportive, nurturing environment. Together, we strive to ensure that our school is a positive, happy and enjoyable learning community that provides all of us with the confidence and opportunity to be the best we can be.

Team Work

At Woodlands we believe that at the heart of everything we do as a team we:

  • Respect and value ideas and points of views
  • Trust and support each other proactively, recognising our strengths and needs
  • Treat each other with dignity and honesty, and choose to see the best in each other
  • Keep our sense of humour and sense of perspective
  • Include everyone and remove barriers to learning and happiness
  • Work together for a common goal, with the pupils’ best interests always at the forefront of our minds
  • To be present at school, present in the classroom and be as efficient with our time as possible
  • Have fun, as this leads to creativity, energy and well being
  • Constantly reflect upon what we bring to our school
  • Find profound reward in our vital role
  • Conduct and present ourselves with professionalism at all times