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 Bursary Fund Application form

The 16-19 Bursary Fund was set up by the Government in 2011 to support the most vulnerable students in full time education.  It replaced the Educational Maintenance Allowance to which some students were entitled.  Its purpose is to support those students whose financial situation may prevent them from participating in education.


The bursary scheme comprises of two parts:

Full Bursary - £1,200 an academic year for those in most need of financial support, these are defined by the following vulnerable groups:

  • in care
  • care leavers
  • receiving Income Support, or Universal Credit because they are financially supporting themselves or financially supporting themselves and someone who is dependent on them and living with them such as a child or partner
  • receiving Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payments in their own right as well as Employment and Support Allowance or Universal Credit in their own right

 The school will apply for Full Bursaries on behalf of the student via the Student Bursary Support Service.

Please note - parents are unable to continue to apply for child benefit if the student is successful in their application for a full bursary. 


Discretionary Award – The school will invite applications from all other students aged 16-19 for discretionary bursaries to help them meet specific costs. Priority will be given to students entitled to free school meals although applications are also welcomed from students whose family income is less than £20,000 (including benefits) in the last financial year. This must be established through current Working Tax Credit/Child Tax Credit documentation/P60. Applicants will be required to explain the need for the bursary and how it will be spent. Receipts may be requested to verify purchases. The threshold of £20,000 may be increased at the Governors discretion if insufficient applications are made.


Withdrawal/Withholding of Bursaries 

The school will, at its discretion, withhold funding from successful applicants who do not attend school regularly without a valid reason or whose conduct causes concern.

Students who leave school during the academic year will no longer be entitled to a bursary.

Procedure for the Distribution of Bursaries

At the start of the academic year the school will write to all students aged 16-19 explaining the Bursary and inviting applications by a specified date. Late applications will be viewed on merit and the school will write out again later in the year if funds are still available. Full Bursary Funding will be held centrally by the Education Funding Agency. The student will need to complete the school application form and provide the relevant supporting documentation. The school will then apply to the Education Funding Agency via the Student Bursary Support Service on the students behalf.  The Head Teacher, Secondary Assistant Head and School Business Manager will award the Discretionary Awards exercising their discretion, and giving priority to those on free school meals.  Their decision is final.  At their discretion 10% of the funding may be retained for emergency awards, if they consider it appropriate. 

5% of the 16-19 Bursary award will be retained by the school to meet its administration costs.

Students will be paid the bursary funding by BACs on a monthly basis. To facilitate this they will require a bank account. Payments will not be paid to third parties i.e. parents, unless there is a valid reason and the Head Teacher, Secondary Assistant Head and School Business Manager are satisfied that the funding will be used to benefit the student.


Conditions of Award

At the end of each term the Head Teacher, Secondary Assistant Head and School Business Manager will consider the attendance and conduct of each recipient. Students should have no unauthorised absences for the funding to be continued.  Those who fail to meet the criteria will have their funding reviewed, and be kept informed of what action is required by them for funding to continue.

Recipients of Bursary Awards will be required to inform the school of any changes in their financial circumstances.

Applicants will be informed that awards must be used for:

  • Transport to school costs
  • Books and equipment, including protective clothing
  • Hardship costs
  • Additional course costs
  • Costs of travel to higher/further educational interviews 

In Year Applications

New students arriving in school during the academic year may apply for any funding which has not been allocated on a discretionary basis.

How to Apply

The application is valid for the academic year and students should apply each year. Application forms are available from the school office.

Students will need to provide the appropriate evidence to support their claim. This may include:-

  • A letter referring to the benefit to which the young person is entitled
  • Written confirmation from the LA of the young person’s current or previous looked after status.
  • Evidence of benefits/allowance/grants or household income. 

Organisation and Appeals

The Bursary Funding for discretionary awards is given to the school every year by the Education Funding Agency. Once these monies have been allocated during the year the school will not be able to make any further grants until the new academic year. Appeals relating to the awards should be made to the Secondary Assistant Head in the first instance. Further and final appeals should be made to the Head Teacher. There is no further right of appeal.